CDG2 MAN Eau de Toilette

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Indulge in the sophisticated allure of COMME DES GARÇONS PARFUMS CDG2 MAN Eau de Toilette. Embark on an olfactory journey that combines masculinity with refinement, featuring a captivating blend of notes: Incense: Immerse yourself in the warm, mystical aura of incense, creating an enticing and spiritual ambiance.
White Smoke: Experience the depth of billowing white smoke, adding complexity with its smoky nuances. Saffron Flowers: Delicate saffron flowers infuse a floral sweetness, enhancing the overall allure. Nutmeg: Spice up your senses with aromatic nutmeg, providing warmth and richness. Kumquat: Invigorate your senses with the burst of citrus freshness from kumquat, adding vibrancy. Fresh Crinkly Mint: Feel refreshed with crisp mint notes, awakening your senses with a cool sensation. Vetiver Roots: Ground yourself with earthy vetiver roots, adding depth with woody and aromatic facets. Mahogany Wood: Revel in the luxurious aroma of mahogany wood, evoking refinement and opulence. Leather: Experience sensuality and sophistication with the addition of leather notes.
Unveil the essence of sophistication and masculinity with each spray of CDG2 MAN, a fragrance that captivates and intrigues.

Gender: MEN
Season: SS24
Designer ID: CGDM100