Y-3 burst onto the scene in 2002, born from the groundbreaking collaboration between Adidas and the visionary designer Yohji Yamamoto. Renowned for his avant-garde creations and distinctive silhouettes, Yamamoto brought his artistic vision to the realm of sportswear, reshaping its trajectory. Teaming up with Adidas, a brand synonymous with iconic sportswear, Yamamoto merged performance with haute couture.

In the Y-3 brand, the "Y" represents Yohji Yamamoto, while the "3" pays homage to Adidas' iconic three stripes. This fusion of creativity and athleticism has redefined the landscape of sportswear, offering a seamless blend of style, functionality, and innovation. With Y-3, Yamamoto and Adidas continue to break boundaries, setting new standards at the crossroads of fashion and sportswear for generations to come.